Ars Memorandi

Ars Memorandi means “Art of Memory” and it is based on mnimotechniki, a method that has existed since antiquity. It is a technique that allows us, with the help of images, to store in our memory all sorts of information for a long time and recall them with ease.

The project is a series of 22 cards, each one of which is a mnemonic image. These cards compose a story that many of us have forgotten.

Thursday, March 17 at 19:30
Exhibit Duration:
17 – 31 March, 2016
Spyros Nakas, Myrto Ferentinou

In times of social, political and historical amnesia these project cards are meant to remind us things that took place long ago or still taking place now. It is located in the operating area of each of us, its place and its life.

The Ars Memorandi cards are cards of power, control and order, abilities which only one who can remember well may possess. The winner is the one who defines the space, controls the perceptions and remembers, while on the other hand, the randomness of the images are those that will ultimately define his fate.The “random” appearance of certain mnemonic icons is defined as such only by the side of someone who can no longer construct or visit memory structures and make the necessary synapses between images. As Augustine said whatever “has been deposited and placed on reserve”, today it is buried in oblivion.

Ars MemorandiArs Memorandi
Ars Memorandi