Myrto Ferentinou

Myrto Ferentinou was born in Athens, where she lives and works.She studied Painting (1999-2006) in the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) as a scholar of the Onassis Foundation. Second BA in Printmaking (A.S.F.A., 2007-2013) as a scholar of the “Endowment Susanna Kefallinos’ Widow”.In 2013, with her project “Drifting Cities”, wins a place in a competition of the National Museum of Contemporary Art pertaining to exhibition “Afresh,A New Generation of Greek Artists”. She has participated in many group exhibitions in galleries, museums and cultural centers in Greece, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus and Italy. Part of her work belongs to Art Collection of contemporary Greek art of Alpha Bank. Her artwork refers to the recent political and social developments and particularly their recording and how they are spread around through the Internet, while she aims to convert documentations on the Internet into “memory symbols” and to compose an art rectification of recent facts. In her work she combines printmaking, new media, installation and performance.

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