Reinterpreting Ancient Traditions

kunst-stoff productions, athensyn and bhive invites you to an evening with prumsodun ok, the los angeles, ca based artist of ancient tradition of khmer classical dance, dj spy-k, stavros apostolatos and yannis adoniou.

prumsodun ok, the exceptional artist of cambodian classical dance and recipient of honors and fellowships from TED, will present exclusively in bhive two short works: robam apsara and beloved (work in progress). stavros apostolatos and yannis adoniou present the duet scale/play, touching the acknowledgement of “métron áriston”. the evening complete the sounds of dj spy-k, with an ethnic & goa ambient dj set.

January 10, 2014
at 8:00pm -12:00am
Stavros Apostolatos / Yannis Adoniou / Prumsodun Ok
ΚUNST-STOFF productions/ATHENSYN/bhive
8pm kick off with DJ Spy-K
Ethnic & GOA Ambient dj set
9-10pm performance
stavros apostolatos / yannis adoniou
prumsodun ok
10pm-12am party with DJ Spy-K
Ethnic & GOA Ambient dj set