thoughts meet space athens

a travel through different spaces and thoughts …
the voices in the different rooms of the house are inviting the visitor to follow our travels through different destinations. the house itself becomes part of the installation, obtains its own voice and narrates/reconstructs its own history. overlapping space-narratives and materials from abroad create a fusion with the different enacted spaces of this villa.
Exhibit Duration:
21-25 October, 2014
Opening hours:
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Claudia Bosse

some democratic fictions is a series of interviews starting in january 2011 that investigates concepts of democracy, legal forms, ways of life, ideas of freedom as thinking aloud about political alternatives. this material is translated into an installation as transnational archive. narrations and portraits from new york, cairo, alexandria, tunis, frankfurt, zagreb, tel aviv, jerusalem, brussels, beirut and now athens posing the question how history is constructed, influenced by different understandings of society and geopolitical contexts.

the open collection, that is continuously in progress, forms a frame for the production of ideas, sentences, expressions, gestures, language and space for contemporary (recent) history. thoughts of people of different backgrounds, countries and political convictions. the „view on our time“ is understood as the space in-between the position of each individual.

thoughts meet space athens is an installation and a proliferate space laboratory of claudia bosse in collaboration with soundartist günther auer and experimenting with different media and social relations through images, sounds, objects, thoughts; a combination of alienated objets trouvés, performative assemblage, spatialized associations. different approaches of the present enfolded within space. in different site-specific versions and constantly growing on the way, thoughts meet space was presented in vienna and beirut, and will be presented in january 2015 in cairo.

a talking house, speaking with voices of the transnational archive of thoughts stationed in athens. this neoclassical villa, built in 1936 by the prominent architect anastasios metaxas, once home of distinguished greek politicians, later a place of hindu worship and a nursery school for children of filipino immigrants in athens, is now being transformed into a house full of voices and found objects that unravel different narrations into space. each room of the apartment represents a different country. athens is placed on the rooftop. 66 people from 8 nations are sharing thoughts and answering questions about democracy, freedom and living in a state of transition.

we want to thank the people we could meet and interview which are: katja ehrhardt, vassilis matzoukis, platon mavromoustakos, nikitas karagiannis, irini chovas, dimitris galanis, nikos soulis, nikos giavropoulos, marianna asimakopoulou, petros linardos rylmon, sotiris bachtetzis, anna sarilaki, evripidis laskaridis, nikos odubitan, viktoria maniatakou, maria komninou, andreas kourkoulas, michael kliën, vassilis noulas and bhive

installation, images, objects: claudia bosse, collaboration, music+ media support: günther auer, technique: marco tölzer, research/assistance: ariadni yfanti, production vienna: stella reinhold

chronology of research travels and interviews
new york – january/february 2011 / cairo – october 2011 / alexandria – october 2011 / tunis – january 2012 / frankfurt – february 2012 / tel aviv – may 2012 / jerusalem – may 2012 / brussels (matonge) april 2013 / beirut october 2013 / athens october 2014 / cairo january/february 2015